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Sending Magical Wishes Your Way Uncertain of Exact Birthday Greeting Card

Sending Magical Wishes Your Way Uncertain of Exact Birthday Greeting Card

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"Sending Magical Wishes Your Way" Greeting Card: Each item becomes a bold and unique statement, and every true-to-life greeting card tells a story.

Front of Card: "Sending Magical Wishes Your Way!"

Inside Card: "To brighten up your day! I'm sorry you don't know the exact date of your existence because I understand that must be not easy. I am here for you! Despite this challenge, may this year bring you countless adventures and unforgettable moments. I am sending lots of love and good vibes your way!"

This card is sentimental for many reasons, especially for anyone who knows and loves an adoptee who struggles with their birthday and doesn't have confirmation that it's even their birthday. I know and love many adoptees who have this experience, and it's heartbreaking. Imagine not knowing when you were really born and sometimes where you were born. It's hard to imagine! It's important we acknowledge this piece for our friends and fellow adoptees who have this lived experience.

This card omits the phrase "Happy Birthday" for a reason. Many adoptees are not happy on their birthdays but are more saddened by it. This card acknowledges the day and lets the person know you are cheering them on. This could be used for anyone, but it was designed for adoptees in mind. I hope you enjoy this card as much as I do!

Fun fact: Why is all the emporium merchandise a dollar amount and 21 cents? I was twenty-one years old when I found and met my birth mother. It was the best day of my life and a symbolic experience in my adoption journey. Sadly, I met her once, and she shut me out forever. The best day of my life was the worst because I never heard from her again.

Twenty-one years of agony passed, hoping she would change her mind. But she never did. Surviving this abandonment and rejection has been one of the most harrowing experiences of my life, but I made it. At one point, I was convinced I would die from a broken heart, but today, my heart is healed, and I feel whole. I am here to share my story and let other adoptees know they aren't alone and their feelings are normal for a not-normal situation. Nothing is normal about being separated from our biological parents at the beginning of life.

*A portion of all proceeds will go directly to Adoptees Connect, Inc. to help fund our DNA KIT COMMIT Program. Visit to learn more!

All cards were designed and created by Pamela A. Karanova @pamelakaranova.

Take Note: This is the very first greeting card line that is designed and created specifically for adoptees, LDAs, NPEs, DNA surprises, search angels, and donor-conceived individuals by an adoptee. Can't find a true-to-life greeting card that fits your experience?

If you want a customized greeting card created precisely for your situation, I will design something specific for you! Please reach out for prices and guidelines on submitting your request on the contact page.

Disclaimer: The Real Adoptea Moxie True-to-Life Greeting Card line is protected by copyright laws. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or modification of the content shared on this website without the explicit written consent of the copyright holder is strictly prohibited. This includes both personal and commercial use. All rights reserved. Thank you for respecting the creative work of Pamela A. Karanova and ensuring its rightful protection.

• Material: 14.77 oz/yd² (350 g/m²) paperboard
• Sizes: Small: 4″ × 6″ (101 × 152 mm)
• Product weight: Small: 0.39 oz (11 g)
• Toner-based printing
• Vibrant colors
• Comes with a complimentary envelope
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