Collection: Authentic Adoption Symbol Collection

An authentic version of the adoption symbol est. in 2024 by adoptee Pamela A. Karanova.

The top point of the triangle equates our adoptive and biological families coming together to make this choice for us. The bottom of the triangle is non-existent because the adoptee's voice has sadly been invisible and silenced, and we didn't sign any contracts. The heart is broken, which resembles the loss of our biological connections, ethnicity, relationships, missing resources, medical history, missing memories, sense of self, separation trauma, and adoption trauma. The bleeding heart represents our truth being hijacked and being gaslit to be grateful for the most significant loss of our lives, our biological histories, and our families. The dripping blood represents the grief and loss process that is a lifelong journey. The hole in the heart is a representation of the void (or hole) that adoption creates in our lives and our hearts from so much lost, never to be.

All adoptee merchandise designed and created by Pamela A. Karanova | Adoptee | @pamelakaranova

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