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Pamela A. Karanova is an Adult Adoptee, Freelance Writer, President of Adoptees Connect, Inc, and the Founder of Adoptee Remembrance Day - October 30th. Pamela has been featured on Adoptees OnReligion News ServiceReckoning with The Primal Wound, and Overcoming Odds. Co-founder of the Adoptees for Awareness Grant.

Pamela A. Karanova is the designer behind 100% of the creativity that is put into each and every item shared on The Real Adoptea Moxie Emporium. She pours her heart into each design of unique expression on behalf of Adoptees, LDAs, NPEs, MPEs, DNA surprises, and donor-conceived individuals. 

Who is exhausted at finding the "right" greeting card that says the perfect sentiments? Most of us know how complex many of our experiences are, and I know that sometimes the paradox is something we can barely put into words ourselves, let alone find on a greeting card! Each item designed becomes a bold and unique statement, and every true-to-life greeting card tells a story.

I am introducing the first true-to-life greeting card collection, created by an Adoptee, for Adoptees, LDAs, DNA Surprises, NPEs, MPEs, Search Angels, and donor-conceived individuals.

Get ready to make a splash with these bold and daring true-to-life greeting cards. The dynamic designs and vivid colors make these cards stand out perfectly. These cards are unforgettable and are guaranteed to spark dialogue and heartfelt conversations.

Understanding is love, and if a card doesn't fit you or your journey, it doesn't mean it won't fit another person's life. Also, humor is a piece of this project. Things can always be heavy if we can't laugh at ourselves and our situations. Also, there is no censoring, and some cards might seem rude and raw! If you get offended easily, this greeting card line might not be for you!

Take note: This collection will grow continuously, and this is only the beginning of the true-to-life collection. If you want a customized greeting card created precisely for your situation, I will design something specific for you! Please reach out for prices and guidelines on submitting your request on the contact page. 

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A portion of all proceeds will benefit Adoptees Connect, Inc.'s DNA Kit Commit Program. All true-to-life greeting cards and items on this platform are created and designed by Pamela A. Karanova. Follow her Substack to learn more about her. 

Fun fact: Why is all the emporium merchandise a dollar amount and 21 cents? I was twenty-one years old when I found and met my birth mother. It was the best day of my life and a symbolic experience in my adoption journey. Sadly, I met her once, and she shut me out forever. The best day of my life was the worst because I never heard from her again.

Twenty-one years of agony passed, hoping she would change her mind. But she never did. Surviving this abandonment and rejection has been one of the most harrowing experiences of my life, but I made it. At one point, I was convinced I would die from a broken heart, but today, my heart is mostly healed, and I feel complete within myself. There will always be a hole from adoption, but I have accepted this as prat of my journey. I am here to share my story and let other adoptees know they aren't alone and their feelings are normal for a not-normal situation. Nothing is normal about being separated from our biological parents at the beginning of life.


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